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Dan & eileen conway: WHO WE ARE

Sadly for Dan, Eileen was his boss at Macromedia during the first dot.com bubble. While their professional affinity blossomed, and after Dan left the company, they decided to join forces in another arena and get hitched. For the past thirteen years, they have been honing their individual areas of expertise. Eileen was CEO of CitigateCunningham and the founder of Scout PR. Dan led government relations and public affairs for Safeway and AT&T, in addition to pursuing blockchain projects on the side. Together they offer decades of experience in company and  product launches, high-level political affairs, content creation and media relations. By combining these skills, they’ve built a rarity in a communications firm - a small agency where the principals not only do the thinking but they do - and love - the work. 

Here are some of our biggest fans:

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Eileen is a communications strategist with deep corporate and agency experience. Prior to founding Scout PR, she served as CEO of Citigate Cunningham, a leading high-tech PR agency. At Citigate Cunningham, Eileen oversaw and provided strategic counsel to all clients, including Sybase, HCL, E*TRADE and Rambus.

Eileen previously served as vice president of corporate communications at software leader Macromedia, where she oversaw all global communications, building leadership positions for both the company’s executives and products. Prior to Macromedia, she served as a vice president at Edelman Worldwide, leading account teams for name-brand clients such as Apple and Proctor & Gamble.

Eileen holds a BA from Brown University, with Honors degrees in English & American Literature and International Relations. An avid fiction writer and essayist, she loves spending her down time with Dan, their three kids and puppy. She’s also been known to send some killer SnapChats.




Dan Conway is a communications and government relations expert with more than twenty years of experience in technology and consumer adoption.

Dan has launched numerous companies, products and political initiatives, working with organizations including PeopleSoft, Sybase, Walmart, Macromedia, Red Zeppelin Digital, Home Depot, BEA Systems, the City and County of San Francisco, Mission Housing and many others.

For six years he served as AT&T Regional Vice President of Public Affairs where he led political strategy, crisis communications and corporate social responsibility across California, the company’s largest market with the most complex set of policy and communications challenges.

At Safeway, one of the nation’s largest retailers, Dan headed up state government relations for five years, leading a team that represented the company’s business at state legislatures in twenty two states.

Dan is the editor of two online publications, The Drone and Citizen Crypto. He has written extensively on innovation, blockchain and culture. His work has appeared in Business Insider, Fatherly.com, Midcentury Modern, Personal Growth and Cuepoint.

Dan graduated with honors from Georgetown University. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with Eileen and their three children.




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